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Adobe Flash

Please use the following tips if you are not able to watch videos on your device.

Apple Iphones and Ipads:  Your device does not support the Adobe Flash program.  Please visit your app store to install the Photon Flash Player Browser (cost approx $5).   This app does not install adobe flash on your device.  The photon app installs an optional browser that can be used to view videos that are on Adobe Flash sites.  When you open the video or the site in the Photon browser make sure to click the lightening bolt in the top right corner to turn on flash viewing.

Android Devices:  Some Android phones already have Adobe Flash installed and will play Adobe Flash website videos correctly while others may need to install the Dolphin Browser and Adobe Flash. This process may sound confusing but it is not difficult with the below directions. 

1.  First adjust your phone's Security settings to "allow installation of non-market apllications".   This setting can be turned on and off in: Settings, Security, Unknown Sources (check this box to allow).  Some devices may call this "Third Party Applications.  You can turn this setting off when finished with the following installs. 

2.  Dolphin Browser MUST BE installed BEFORE Adobe Flash.  If you already have Adobe Flash installed on your device, then you will need to Uninstall Adobe Flash.  Open device Settings, navigate to Apps, click on Adobe Flash and Uninstall. 

3.  Install Dolphin Browser from the Google Play Store.  Make sure that Dolphin Jetpack is installed by default (it should be).  If it isn't, you will also need to install Dolphin Jetpack.  You should be able to Enable Dolphin Jetpack within the settings of the Dolphin Browser application.  It is very important that Dolphin Browser is installed and Dolphin Jetpack is enabled before proceeding to the install of Adobe Flash. 

4. Download the Adobe Flash "file" by clicking this link:  You will now need to "Install" the downloaded Adobe Flash file.  Using File Manager, navigate to the Download folder, find the Adobe Flash "file", and Install the file.  You can also find the file by swiping your finger from the top edge of your phone screen which will open your device's notifications window. The notifications screen will show the Adobe Flash file that is processing or has finished being downloaded. Once the download of the FILE is finished you will click this file on this notification screen and choose Install. This will actually use the downloaded "file" to Install the Adobe Flash program to your phone.

5.  After Adobe Flash in installed, open Dolphin Browser, open the Menu and then Settings.  Navigate to Web Content and ensure that Flash Content is Enabled.  If not, then Enable it.

6.  When the installation is complete, your device should operate correctly using the Dolphin Browser for Adobe Flash website videos.  You can now reset your device's security settings that were changed in step 1 because there is really no reason to leave the settings open to unknown sources after you have finished the above steps.  Open the device Settings, navigate to Security, and uncheck the "Unknown Sources" box. 

Other Adobe Flash versions (as needed for computers):  Please click the attached link to visit the Adobe site to download a specific file/version of Adobe Flash for installation:  Scroll down the page to the "flash player archives" section.  Choose the correct file from the archives list that matches your device.   Install this downloaded file to your device.  When the "install" is complete, your device should perform correctly on Adobe Flash websites. 

Please contact VetTv with any questions.  

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