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Henry Wrinkles Foundation

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Henry Wrinkles Foundation

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Host: hwf
Paragould, Arkansas, 72450
Welcome to our channel!
Henry Wrinkles Foundation
517 S. 5th St.
Paragould, AR 72450
Phone: 870-450-2438

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The Henry Wrinkles Foundation is a non-profit 501(C)(3) Organization. It was created in 2005 to utilize Henry's unique appeal and talent to support projects to help improve the lives of animals and children. One hundred percent of the profit from income and donations related to foundation goes toward two areas: supporting "Spay/Neuter" Programs and "Animal Assisted Learning Program".

Henry Wrinkles is a sharpie/lab mix dog that was adopted from the shelter as a puppy. As he matured it became clear that he had a unique ability to connect with children and adults. He is very patient and enjoys wearing clothes to schools/public events to work with them to build self-esteem and expand communication skills. He also seems to like doing unusual things like riding in remote control cars to create awareness for spay/neuter programs and adopting shelter pets.

Animal Assisted Learning Program (AALP) began in 2006 when Henry Wrinkles started visiting a first grade classroom every Wednesday. His presence provided a safe place for children to read and talk to him. Photos were created for Henry in different settings and attire to inspire the children to write stories about his adventures.

In 2008 he worked with children in a Junior High School, one classroom had children with special needs and the other was an advanced placement class. The children in the special needs class drew pictures of Henry, wrote sentences about him and read to him. The advanced placement class use their character, plot and dialog skills to write a screenplay with Henry and an adult cat adopted from the shelter as the lead characters. They videotaped the movie for later use.

This year AALP has been enlisted by the school district to provide a communication enhancement program for children with special needs. Children have access to Henry and his 'associates' (dogs, cats, horses, pigs, donkeys, sheep, goats) and read books and magazines about these animals at "his" farm to expand their experience and vocabulary base. They then tell, draw or write stories about their experiences.

Communication Enhancement Program (CEP) - The communication Enhancement program is a curriculum developed by HWF staff using shelter or rescue animals to encourage children's communication skills through original books, photos and support materials.

Paws Across Borders (PAB) - HWF will work with classrooms in other states or countries to promote animal assisted learning. Classrooms in other states or countries will have a pet in their classroom that works with children. These classrooms will share video tapes of each "culture" and webcam visits.

Paws Up for Learning (PUFL) -Henry Wrinkles started visiting a first grade classroom every Wednesday in 2006. His presence provided a safe place for children to read and talk to him. Photos were created for Henry in different settings and attire to inspire the children to write stories about his adventures.

Adoption Boot Camp - Adolescents from 'at risk' situations are paired with dogs that have been difficult to place from animal shelters. The youths are coached in basic dog obedience and then work with their 'dog partner' to transfer those skills and increase the dog's adoptability.

We'll Take You There Program - The We'll Take You There Program combines the Adoption Boot Camp Program (disadvantage dogs are rescued from shelters and paired with disadvantaged children. the children then train the dogs in basic obedience and get them ready for adoption. In essence the children are helping the dogs learn skills that will allow them to function in a home.) and Equine Assisted Learning Program (EAL is an emerging treatment that utilizes horse handling activities to generate powerful therapeutic metaphors. The children gain insight into their fears, habits, and unconscious ways of relating. As issues arise with the equine setting students have opportunities to work toward understanding and healing of these issues.)

Together We Can - Program for children with special needs are given the opportunity to ride horses which helps them developed motor skills, confidence and self-esteem.

At the present time more kittens and puppies are born than will ever have a loving and forever home. The solution to this problem is spay, neuter and adopt. Henry's goal is to insure that all pets have a home.

Spay/Neuter Programs
Spay It Forward (SIF) - The Henry Wrinkles Foundation (HWF) helps animal shelters set up Spay It Forward programs in their area. SIF provides interest free loans to pet owners to have their pets spayed or neutered.

Go Dogs Go Rally - The Go Dogs Go Rally is a fund raiser for animal shelters to promote spay, neuter and adoption of pets in their area. HWF brings their racing team and mobile spay/neuter unit to towns whose animal shelter or rescue group have requested assistance with supporting their spay/neuter/adoption programs. Henry Wrinkles and his racing team bring their fleet of race cars to the town to race local children in their battery powered cars. The children's sponsors pay an entry fee which goes to the area shelter to support their programs. During the race local veterinarians provide low cost spay and neuters of area pets. The local shelter arranges the site for the rally and veterinarian services.
Public Awareness - The HWF Foundation develops print and television advertising to promote spay/neuter/adoption programs.

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