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Thieves Full Version

Channel: VetTv Library

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Category: Network Office
Channel: VetTv Library
Length: 00:46:08
Recorded: 7 years and 3 weeks ago
This video is the full version of the thieves from entry to exit of the exhibit hall. These thieves were accidentally caught while overnight testing a VetTv LIVE broadcast at a Vet Conference Reception. These individuals were not exhibitors but were attendees. LIVE viewers thought the individuals were exhibitors in the booth with the aqua table skirt but they actually used this booth to collect bags of items and also took items from under the aqua tableskirt after the exhibitor left for the day. Convention Center employees said they thought they were restocking booths. The black and white table closest to the camera is in the VetTv booth. The thieves stayed for an extended amount of time under this table while bagging booth items and computer accessories from the VetTv storage area. Then they went to the left of the camera and took items belonging to a specialty veterinarian who had traveled from another state to speak at this conference. You can see the wall mounted camera shake as they go behind the VetTv booth wall to take the items from the speaker's booth boxes. There is more video showing activity in several other exhibitor booths as exhbitors left for the day. They may qualify for a dumbest thief award as they did not see the LIVE broadcast of the reception in the VetTv booth on a 42" big screen and on a laptop facing them as they circled their target. Their eyes were focused and intent on the storage areas in the booth where personal belongings, equipment and bulk items are kept by exhibitors. This activity was watched LIVE as it happened on the world wide web and on VetTvs by many viewers. The LIVE viewers were disgusted with the actions of these adults and waited until the next morning to call the the booth as the VetTv staff arrived so the staff were not upset overnight. They told the VetTv staff the time the theft happened and the description of the thieves so the video clip was located quickly in the many hours of overnight broadcasting feetage. The VetTv staff reviewed more archived content and watched the obvious plan unfold as these individuals accomplished their mission and even laughed at the scene of the crime before proudly leaving with their huge stash of stolen items. The morning following the theft was the busiest day of the conference but VetTv had nothing to provide the attendees because everything was stolen as well as computer accessories belonging to VetTv. The VetTv on location educational broadcast on this busy day was unfortunatley changed to the video showing all of the items being taken so the attendees could see why VetTv and some other exhibitors had little or no items in their booths for attendees use and for hospital staff. Veterinarians are professionals with high integrity and the theft activity was and is upsetting for many. VetTv is based on the desire to support veterinarians and to help animals. We never expected this mission would be accomplished in this manner while showcasing the VetTv home state conference. We are upset that this happened but are glad this theft was uncovered with technology that was developed to benefit the animal health industry. VetTv appreciates all the calls and support from attending and non attending Veterinarians and friends following this upsetting situation. On a funny note, isn't it ironic that one thief is wearing black and white stripes? :)

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